Simple Timeline

Status: MVP available, but unfinished 🚧

#Webapp #SAAS

Open source repo:

Simple Timeline is - and I quote myself - “a tool to visualize the passing of time”.

The older I get, the harder it is to remember where I was X years ago. This tool remembers the exact dates for me. It’s a great way to reflect on the past. A great complement to a diary. It’s also free to use.

Artsy Hams

Status: Never-ending 🎨

#Art #E-commerce

Open source repo:

When it comes to visual art, I was born gifted. Everything is sold out, of course, but you can still marvel at my famous paintings.

I did write a blog post about the tech behind the store: My Recipe for a 0$/month e-commerce Website

Ask Sagan

Status: Done ✅

#Webapp #Joke

Open source repo:

What if Carl Sagan himself could answer your questions? Just fill the text box and press enter.

Photography 365

Status: Done ✅


Open source repo:

A photography project I did during my gap year in 2012-2013. The challenge was to take a (good) picture everyday for a year.


Status: Abandoned 🏚

#Webapp #PWA

Open source repo:

Morem is for MORE Meditation. I learned about Progressive Web Apps, got excited and decided to make a meditation timer that increases itself everyday. It was fun and got to the MVP stage, but I ended up bumping into limitations of PWAs (Looking at you, Screen Wake Lock API.) and lost interest.

The First Version of this Website

Status: Done ✅

#Website #Joke

Open source repo:

A single index.html file! It sure is fast to load and contains a fun easter egg and a half 🥚

The Second Version of this Website

Status: Done ✅


Open source repo:

I challenged myself to build the second version with nothing but pure HTML, CSS and JS. No framework, no librairies. It’s fairly simple, but has light and dark mode + instant language switching.