How to Revoke Third Party Authorization to Google Search Console

Google's Search Console logo with a padlock right next to it.

## Introduction

I decided to give Ezoic a try the other day. To see its full potential, I had to give them access to Google Search Console.

Now, even though Ezoic is nice and all, I don’t feel like using it yet. So, let’s revoke that authorization for now.

…No way to do that on Ezoic’s platform? 🤨

Screenshot: Thank you for authorizing Ezoic to use Google Search Console. Big button: Reauthorize

Once you’ve authorized you can reauthorize…

Fear not, you can remove any third party authorization directly from your Google account.

## The Solution

Login your Google account and click “manage your Google account”. This could be done from Gmail, Google Search Console, or any other Google product.

Screenshot: clicking your avatar in a Google product yields "manage your account"

Go to “security”.

Screenshot: Under "Data & personalization" is the security tab.

Scroll down a little and you should see “Third-party apps with account access”. Click “Manage third party access”.

Screenshot: Manage third party access.

You’ll see a list of “Third-party apps with account access”. Simply click on the ones from which you want to revoke authorizations.

Screenshot: Click "REMOVE ACCESS" and you're done.

Remove access and celebrate! 🎉💪🍾


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