Referral Links

All links below are referrals that reward me and you when you use them. I used or still use all products on this page, they’re good.

Honey Get Honey Gold.

Honey automatically applies the best coupons when you shop online. With Honey Gold, you get points which can be traded for gift cards on top of that.

Wealth Simple Invest on autopilot with Wealth Simple.

The best banking experience I've ever had. Use this link and we both get 10 000$ managed for free for 12 months.

airBNB Become a host on airbnb.

Use this link and we both get money after your first reservation. (The amount varies.)

EmailOctopus Send better newsletters with EmailOctopus.

What's better and cheaper than Mailchimp? EmailOctopus. Use this link and we both get 15$ of credit.

pCloud Try pCloud premium for free for 30 days.

Cheap and reliable cloud storage is pCloud's business. It's great for encrypted backups. If you're satisfied and become a paying customer I'll get 5$US.

Bull Bitcoin Buy/sell BitCoin with Bylls/Bull Bitcoin.

Bylls and Bull Bitcoin specialize in making the buying and selling of BTC easy for Canadians. Use my referral to open an account and we both get a few Canadian bucks.

Coinbase Buy crypto currencies with Coinbase.

The easiest way to buy crypto with a credit card. Use this link and we both get 10$US of BTC if you purchase for more than 100$US!

Binance Open a trading account on Binance.

If you use this link to sign up, we both get an extra 10% of commission on every trade you make.

Montessori Preschool Gift your kids a great educational app.

Available on iOS and Android, Montessori Preschool is basically hundreds of mini-apps bundled into a fun, rich and constantly updated universe. Get 50% off any subscription with this link.

Or just buy me a coffee 🙃